Amazon biotope for small species


All fish smaller than ten centimeters are small species. Is about very peaceful fish and perfectly affordable to recreate a small Amazon biotope.

For this species they are recommended aquariums wider than deep, 60 liters. More than anything because during the reproductive period they will take as their own a part of the aquarium that they will defend in an aggressive way, if necessary.

Small Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Remember that a biotope is to recreate a geographical space with certain environmental conditions for the development de peces and plants, in this case Amazonian and of small species.

It is about de peces distributed throughout the basin Amazon river and tributaries. They have a lot of vegetation. Trunks so that the fish can hide and with very calm waters. The waters are soft and acidic, with an average temperature of about 26ºC.

Therefore, to recreate it, you only have to create the Amazonian environment as if it were its natural habitat. Being small aquariums it is not recommended to put more than three fish or four fish. The decoration would basically consist of logs, some plants with low light requirements and stones.

A powerful active carbon filter is recommended and as long as you do not make too much movement in the aquarium, they are calm water fish. It can be included ficus leaves to the aquarium as decoration.

Indicated species

In a small Amazon aquarium you cannot miss the tetras fish, since they are very striking. The discus fish they are fully compatible as long as the aquarium can accommodate a small colony of three specimens. Angelfish are also an option since they inhabit higher areas in the water column and will not rival the territories of the rest of the fish.

As for the plants for this type of Amazonian biotope, they are those belonging to the genus Echinodorus.

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