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For all those who are starting the world of aquariums, the cheap aquariums. However, you must know that these aquariums do not always have good quality in relation to their price. There are also some aspects to take into account depending on the types de peces What are you going to have, the decoration, the number de peces, available space, etc.

In order to solve all these unknowns, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you which are the best cheap aquariums on the market and which of them can best be adjusted to your needs.

The best cheap aquariums

Here is a selection of good, beautiful and cheap aquariums:

Common sizes of cheap aquariums

cheap medium aquariums

Before buying a cheap aquarium, you must remember that not all aquariums have the same quality. It has a variety of sizes, from small inexpensive aquariums of 10 liters or less, to large inexpensive aquariums of 100 liters or more.

In the sale, you can find many complete aquariums, but they do not always have the quality that you are looking for. This is one of the reasons you have to make comparisons so that you can choose from a number of cheap but good quality fish tanks.

60 liter aquariums

These aquariums are easier for those who are new to this world. One of them is the gas start lower and the simple decoration that does not require too much complication. It is a mistake to think that by opting for a smaller aquarium you will require less attention. Maintenance is more or less the same, since in a 60 L aquarium there will be less stability and consequently we will have a somewhat more complex maintenance conditions.

100 liter aquariums

They are considered those of medium size. Thanks to these sizes we can obtain the possibility of more extensive decoration and elaboration. de peces not only more numerous but also varied in terms of species. Keep in mind that the budget is going to be somewhat higher, but there is no complication to get the materials. The benefit is that the maintenance does not require too much time for another of the aquarium parameters are more constant and easier to maintain over time.

200 liter aquariums

Those greater than or equal to this volume of water are considered large aquariums. They have advantages such as being able to have larger species, decoration is more complex and a large number de peces and species at the same time. It usually has spectacular results, although it must not be forgotten that it adds some difficulties in terms of the consumption of resources and greater attention. Keep in mind that the more fish you have, the more complicated the care becomes.

What should a cheap aquarium kit have to start with

smaller fish tanks

Aquarium farming has become popular in recent years, because breeding de peces has become increasingly more accessible. This is mainly because the price of the materials needed to get started has dropped a lot. This does not mean that we are buying worse quality aquariums, but rather that production is greater and, as happens in all economies of scale, when production is higher, the selling price will be lower due to efficiency.

In any case, you have to clearly check the quality of its components before buying an aquarium, because in the end we are playing with live animals. An aquarium, regardless of its price, must have everything you need to get started:

  • Aquarium urn: It is essential that a cheap aquarium kit contains the aquarium urn. This urn will have a material with a higher or lower quality depending on the price we are willing to pay. Another aspect to consider is the size. Larger aquariums are going to cost more. We must adjust this parameter to our needs.
  • Lighting: lighting is key if our main objective is decoration. LED lights are the best in terms of decoration and energy saving. The placement and arrangement of the lights is a matter of taste.
  • Filters and pumps: It is essential that an aquarium kit contains the filters and the water pumps. They are necessary for the ecosystem to function properly within the urn. The pump is responsible for pumping the water indoors so that there is a stream of water, while the filter is responsible for cleaning the dirt.
  • Optional: Optionally, an aquarium kit can bring fish food, water conditions, heater, etc. These are some accessories that are not mandatory in all aquariums, since it depends largely on the species. de peces What are we going to try? Not all fish have the same diet nor do they need a heater to increase the water temperature.

Is it advisable to buy a cheap second-hand aquarium?

aquarium accessories

When you are going to choose a second-hand aquarium, as with other second-hand materials, you have to look closely at the state in which it is found. If the state of conservation is good, it can serve perfectly. There are people who have very well cared for aquariums and barely suffer any degradation over time. You also have to know how long the aquarium has been in use and what variety de peces has hosted.

It is advisable to do a thorough cleaning before using it again. You have to make sure that the silicone gaskets are correctly, that there are not too many scratches and bumps. If you are going to buy a filter, it is recommended that you see it working and that it does not make noises.

Where to buy cheap aquariums

We are going to list a list of places where you can buy cheap aquariums of good quality:

  • Amazon: On Amazon you can find a large number of cheap aquariums of numerous sizes. It has a guarantee and they have a good transport. You will be able to have your aquarium in just a few days.
  • Kiwok: It has both a physical store and an online store. The advantage of the physical store is that you can go to see in person the size of the aquarium and its characteristics. The clerks can also advise you on which one may suit you better if you do not understand the subject too much. They have good prices and they also have an online store.
  • ZooPlus: this store that offers a large selection of aquariums, accessories and fish food. It is an online store where you can find everything you need for aquariums. You can also find filters and water pumps.
  • Crossroads: Here you can find numerous types of aquariums both in physical and online stores. This hypermarket has a section only dedicated to the topic of aquariums, so you can find everything you need in this regard.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about cheap aquariums and what you should take into account to choose a good quality one.

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