Fish food dispenser

fish food dispenser

If you have a fish tank, you may be thinking of purchasing a fish food dispenser and thus forget about having to feed them manually. With these devices you only have to worry about filling them with food when they are finished. They are quite comfortable and efficient and save us from the trouble of "I forgot to feed the fish." In this post we are going to analyze how you should choose your fish food dispenser according to your needs and which are the best existing models.

Do you want to know more about fish food dispensers? Keep reading.

Best Fish Food Dispensers

From now on we are going to analyze each of the most purchased models by the fish-loving community and what their main characteristics are.

Automatic feeder

It is a trough that has a good design to withstand high humidity values ​​without suffering any damage or deterioration. It allows you to program the amount of food that you want to give the fish and the volume of food to introduce into it. Depending on the structure of the aquarium, this automatic feeder can be rim mounted or independent. You can see it here.

Food dispenser de peces

This dispenser is quite small but it can be used to feed our fish if we have few. There are many fish tanks that only consist of 4 or 5 specimens, so this smaller dispenser will ensure that our fish do not get scared of it, since it is easier to camouflage it with the rest of the aquarium components.

It has an ideal finish to resist humidity so it keeps the food inside in optimal conditions. The container can be refilled when necessary without the need to disassemble the entire dispenser. By means of a rotation function you can adjust the amount of food to feed the fish. Check the best prices here.

Detachable automatic feeder

In this case we find a type of removable feeder to be able to transport it easily or to clean inside and always keep it in good condition. It is a good size to introduce enough food for a while and forget to manually feed the fish. The most revolutionary thing about this model is that it has a screen that indicates the level of food you have available to know when to fill up.

It allows its connection to an air pump in case you need it. Its price is very affordable.

Compact food dispenser

This automatic feeder allows to regulate the amount of food that is given to the fish and the frequency. You can schedule it to feed every 12 or 24 hours which is the most normal. It has a compartment to store food and make refilling easier. You can see its nice finish here.

Manual and automatic food dispenser

No products found.

In this case we find a dual functionality dispenser. This dispenser allows us to feed our fish depending on the needs. If we want to feed the fish manually or we need to do it for a while, we do not have to remove it from the aquarium. It has a manual feed option to stop food dispensing in the period you want. Meanwhile, it keeps your food in perfect condition.

It is quite resistant to moisture and No products found. for the benefits it offers.

I hope that with these models you can choose the one that best suits you.


automatic fish feeders

Fish need to be fed on a regular basis and without lack of nutrients. We must not forget that they are in a place that is not their natural habitat and we have to keep their stress to a minimum so that the life they have in the fish tank is the best possible. To do this, a fish food dispenser it's totally a great idea for the forgetful and those who just don't want to keep an eye on the fish's food and be slaves.

With the food dispenser you can feed your fish in a regular and automatic way. They are programmable and you may be surprised how far technology goes today. If you need to feed it manually to strengthen relationships or because a specimen is sick, you can also do it. For all these advantages, the food dispenser is essential.

In general, all food dispensers are powered by AA batteries as this is the way to ensure food supply. The consumption of these feeders is minimal since they only work when they are going to feed the fish. This ensures that they will always be well fed and not lacking in nutrients. There are some more developed feeders that have some additional functions such as alarms, batteries or other functionalities that are more prepared to feed fish with a stricter margin.

How to choose your fish food dispenser

feeder de peces

However, thousands of models and functionalities appear and we do not know which is the best for us. The first thing you have to look at when buying a device of these is that you can program it and recharge it as it suits you. It is the food dispenser that has to conform to you and not you to it. There are varieties of models that allow you to feed them once a day or several. So choose the one your fish need the most, depending on the species they have in the aquarium.

Another aspect that you should take into account It is the material from which it is made. This is important in view of the humidity that exists in the fish tank and if the material is not well prepared for it, it will deteriorate over time. The best ones are usually made of plastic since they better withstand the humidity that the environment gives. Ideally, opt for a dispenser that lasts as long as possible.

automatic fish feeder

In third place, it is important to know the style of feeder you will have since it has to "camouflage" itself among the other elements of the aquarium decorator so as not to scare the fish. If the fish feel any danger approaching the dispenser, they will not eat or feel protected. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model and color that fits the decoration present in your aquarium.

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  1.   John said

    When the crisis is over I would like to know the best brands that are also comfortable please. I have some guppy fish, 3 adult male, 1 adult female and 11 young. I wish I had two automatic feeders