Healing remedies for mushroom fish

fish with mushrooms

When we have a community aquarium one of the main health problems that often affect fish are fungi. These fungi usually attack fish if a quarantine has not been previously carried out before introducing new individuals into the aquarium. They can also appear due to certain errors in the maintenance and management of the aquarium. Therefore, healing remedies for mushroom fish they are quite an effective solution. If you have observed any symptoms of disease in fish such as spots or white filaments, it is possible that we have fungi.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about curative remedies for fungal fish.

Why mushrooms appear

sick fish

Fungi play a fundamental role in all ecosystems. Its main function is to feed on the dead organic matter in the aquarium. This dead matter can be the remains of food, dirt and some skin tissue is from the fish. This function is good to be able to remove dirt residues naturally. However, if there is an increase in the amount of organic matter due to carelessness in the aquarium care, the fungal populations will increase.

If the populations of fungi increase our fish can be infected. Once the fungus reaches the fish tissue it begins to develop rapidly in just one or two days. It is then that we can see the first visible symptoms. The spores of the fungus continue to reproduce in the environment to spread throughout the rest of the aquarium. This is how they can affect other fish.

Among the main types of fungi that we find in fish we have the following:

  • Genus Saprolegnia and Achlya: they are the most common among aquarium fish. It tends to feed on dead organic matter, eggs and parasitize other fish that are weakened. Cottony layers can be seen on the body of infected fish. It is one of the main symptoms.
  • Branchiomyces: it is another type of fungus that usually affects fish. It mainly attacks the gills of the fish and the damage they cause is especially serious. By affecting the gills they cause carbon dioxide poisoning. This causes vital organ failure. The death rate quite high.
  • Ichthyosporidium hoferi: Although it is not that common, its effects are devastating. Fish can be seen releasing spores through droppings. In this way, they contaminate the entire aquarium and other fish. They tend to affect carp and cichlids more. There is no known treatment to eliminate it.

Healing remedies for mushroom fish

Healing remedies for fish with mushrooms at home

Fish either because of a malfunction of their ecosystem or because they are attacked by fungi can make them lose their health. But we should not leave them to their own devices because there are always curative remedies for fungi.

One of the most effective remedies for fungi is salt baths. The salt, better coarse, and the same that is used for cooking cures fungi with a high percentage of good results.

If we notice that our fish or some specimen suffer from fungi, we take a large container and add two teaspoons of salt to about two liters of water, the appropriate proportion of salt is the one that when tasted has a not very strong saline taste, later We catch the fish in a net and immerse it for a while in the container with salt. This salt bath must be repeated every day until we see that the fungi have disappeared and the fish swims without problems.

Malachite green is used for fungal cases. It is a green aqueous solution with a ratio of 1 / 15.000, in which the fish will be put for 10 to 30 seconds. If a bath does not work, it will be repeated every 2 or 3 days, without forgetting that the temperature of the bath must be the same as that of the aquarium.

When we observe strange things or formations on the scales or fins of the fish, a curative remedy is hydrogen peroxide. The ratio is 175 cc per 10 liters of water. Baths should last 10-15 minutes.

Notwithstanding sodium chloride or common salt, it should be used as a preventive, especially in aquariums containing mollienisias, in the proportion of 2 level teaspoons per 4 liters of water, which does not harm plants or animals. fishes.

Fungi prevention

healing remedies for mushroom fish

One of the best curative remedies for mushroom fish is prevention. If it doesn't happen, there will be nothing to cure. Next we are going to show you some general tips so that our aquarium does not get infected like fungi:

  • We must know well all the requirements of each type of species that we are going to introduce into the aquarium. Each type of fish will need a different type of food, utensils, water, temperature, pH.
  • Try to handle the aquarium carefully to avoid injury and stress to the fish.
  • Every time you go to introduce a new individual it is interesting that they go through a quarantine. This quarantine must last approximately 3-6 weeks to ensure that you cannot infect others.
  • We must provide the fish with peace of mind and a hiding place for newcomers. In this way we will help them not to be stressed.
  • In the aquarium separated from quarantine, you have to have more liters of water per fish than the final aquarium. It should never contain fewer liters of water than necessary.
  • We will always avoid using live food that comes from an environment where we do not have certain control. I will always say that we see a specialized center where we can acquire live food with great safety.
  • We will not put two different deposits in contact.
  • The ideal is to disinfect the aquariums at the slightest suspicion of a fungal infestation.
  • It is also interesting to disinfect the utensils when they are using us.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the curative remedies for mushroom fish.

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