Marine aquariums

Marine aquariums

When starting out in the world of aquarium hobbying we must know that there are both freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Both types de peces They can be perfectly kept in aquariums. However, we need to know everything we need to be able to have each type of aquarium. There are details and requirements that must be covered so that the animals that we introduce into this aquarium can live well.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this complete article to tell you all the characteristics of the marine aquariums and what types of aquariums can best suit your needs.

Some of the best marine aquariums

We are going to show a small list of the best-selling marine aquariums and that, therefore, are usually more suited to the general needs of these fish.

Ocean Free AT641A

This aquarium model comes in black and It has a capacity of 96 liters. It is one of the most complete models of the NANO type on the market. In which the skimmer and the pump are included. You can buy this model by clicking here.

Ocean Free AT560A Nano Marine Aquarium

This is another small aquarium model from the NANO range that features a black color and a volume of only 16 liters of water. Bring a kit that includes the skimmer and pump. If you want to buy this aquarium click here.

Marina Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

This type of aquarium is made of glass. It has an ultra-dedicated backpack filter that has a fairly quick-to-use cartridge change system. The aquarium has a fairly elegant finish and features long-lasting, natural-effect LED lighting. Let's not forget that LED light saves a lot on consumption and provides a natural light effect, simulating to the maximum the natural conditions of marine ecosystems.

The net is made of fine and soft mesh to protect the delicate fins of the fish. The dimensions of this aquarium are 51.3 "x 26" x 32.8 "high. Can click here to buy this type of marine aquarium.


This aquarium belongs to a new series of aquariums in the NANO range that provides a contemporary style with a distinctive concave front glass. This is how we get, not only take care of our fish correctly, but a more striking style for our home.

The aquarium is equipped with a powerful 3-stage filtration system and an infrared remote control that allows us to select between various colors and special effects. Thanks to these effects we can continuously modify the appearance of our aquarium. For this, it has LED lighting with a color temperature of 7500K. If you want this aquarium you can buy it by clicking here at a fairly affordable price.

What is a marine aquarium

Marine Aquarium Animals

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, they mainly distinguish between freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums. Freshwater aquariums are those that contain animals and plants that come from freshwater habitats such as rivers, streams and lakes. However, marine aquariums live animals and plants that come from the sea. The differential characteristic between both types of aquarium is that one has salty water because it comes from the sea.

For this reason, sea water is necessary to maintain the correct health of our fish. In addition, we can also have marine plants for decoration and the creation of ecosystems as similar to natural ones. We must not forget that, at all times, we must recreate the natural conditions for our fish to the maximum.

Types of marine aquariums

Features of marine aquariums

As expected, there are different types of marine aquariums depending on the species that we are going to house. We are going to list and briefly describe each of them:

  • Marine aquarium with only fish and invertebrates: They are the easiest to maintain and we will only have different species de peces and invertebrates such as shrimp, stars, snails and crabs, among others.
  • Reef Marine Aquarium: are those aquariums that, in addition de peces and invertebrates, they also have corals of various types. These aquariums are more difficult to maintain although they are more attractive to the hobbyist. In order to care for them correctly we will need adequate lighting that allows the corals to grow. In addition, it is necessary to maintain good water circulation and have all its parameters well controlled depending on the types of corals we have.
  • Aquariums with soft corals: they are easier to maintain since they are more resistant and do not require constant monitoring and addition of nutrients to the water. Their diet is mainly photosynthetic.
  • Aquariums with hard corals: They are the most complicated to maintain since they need to have good control of the basic parameters in order for them to develop correctly. They will need controlled values ​​of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity.

Care of marine aquariums

Sea water characteristics

To properly care for the fish in a marine aquarium, we must take into account various factors that intervene in its quality.


Conclusion salinity levels, mineral content, water turbidity, lighting amount, water dissolved oxygen, water aeration, species de peces, etc. We must choose the determined values ​​depending on the species that we are caring for.


The cycling of a marine aquarium is nothing more than a process of bacterial colonization. This process usually takes an average of one month and must be fully respected so that the animals can live in good conditions. Like all living things, fish generate waste. Without the existence of the bacterial colony, these toxic elements would accumulate continuously. That is why it is necessary for there to be a bacterial colony that fulfills a vital function. To be cautious, it is better to wait a little over a month to check the quality of the water before adding the animals to the marine aquarium.


Temperature is one of the most important variables to take into account in a marine aquarium. Depending on the species we have de peces we should have a higher lower average temperature. For example, if we have de peces tropical we will need a somewhat higher temperature. To do this, it is essential to have a thermometer that tells us at all times what the optimal temperature of the aquarium is.

Are there marine aquariums for beginners?

Marina Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

As such, there is no marine aquarium for beginners. In itself, being a marine aquarium carries an extra difficulty. However, if we use marine aquariums with only fish and invertebrates, it will help us to learn about their care. If you are a beginner, it is better that you do not choose marine aquariums that have either hard or soft corals.

How to make an inexpensive marine aquarium

Marine flora and fauna

To make a marine aquarium somewhat cheaper we must take into account some factors. The first thing is to use large aquariums of between 250 and 300 liters to stabilize and minimize the margin of error. In smaller aquariums there is not a sufficient degree of stability in the chemical field.

We will only use species de peces with live rock. An aquarium that only has fish and invertebrates can save us a lot of money unlike coral reef aquariums. We will use LED bulbs for lighting, which will give us good quality at a low price.

We can buy the necessary objects and materials second-hand but with our heads. There are people who want to take advantage of others and end up selling to newbies materials that are already worn out and that cannot fulfill the function that is sent to them. You should always proceed with caution to buy items that are used but have a reliable source. These sources can be hobby friends, trusted local dealers, or do a thorough inspection of the equipment to be purchased before, if possible, accompanied by a knowledgeable person.

Ocean Free AT641A

It is necessary to have the essential equipment if we are going to have a state-of-the-art aquarium. Automating the entire system as much as possible is necessary if we want to save a few euros. There are people who prefer to invest a little more time in the maintenance and care of the marine aquarium animals at the cost of reducing costs due to low technology. However, the ideal is to use technology equipment that can cover basic needs and with a fairly low investment in technology.

Buying the equipment that best suits our price is the best option. It's probably the best advice a hobbyist can give you. Cheaper equipment tends to degrade quite quickly. This means that it has a very short useful life and we will have to spend more money to be replacing it continuously. Therefore, we should not look only at the cheapest brands on the market, but not at the most expensive either. The best thing is to investigate which brand offers us the best quality and price ratio.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about marine aquariums.

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