Nano aquarium

nano aquarium

In the world of aquariums there are numerous types of aquariums that adjust to all kinds of demands and species. One of them is the nano aquarium. As its name suggests, it is a small aquarium that has unique characteristics.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about nano aquariums, their characteristics and which ones are the best based on their price and quality.

The best nano aquariums

What is a nano aquarium

Small aquariums, nano aquariums or mini aquariums are the best way to enter the world of aquarium hobbies. Their size makes them an ideal aquarium for beginners, but they are also a perfect choice for seasoned hobbyists who want to place a small aquarium somewhere, and cannot for space reasons. One of the great advantages of nano aquariums is that can be placed in any corner of the house, be it a bedroom, a bookcase or a desk.

It is difficult to recommend an aquarium, since it is not known how you will use it, what fish you want, if you want to put plants, decorate with natural or artificial plants, etc. What can be said with total certainty is that they are very small, suitable for taking care of small fish and bringing a piece of nature into our home. The care of the fish and their observation are very calm and easy to carry out.

What fish to put in a nano aquarium

nano aquarium fish

  • Betta Splendens: With a nano aquarium with a capacity of 30 liters, a betta can live perfectly. This fish needs an aquarium with enough plants and hiding place because that is where it sleeps. Also, they prefer calm waters, so it is best if the currents are barely noticeable. It is recommended to keep only one fish of this type because they are often stressed.
  • Darius Darius: It is a small fish native to India. Its maximum length is 3 cm, which is ideal for nano aquariums. Males have red and blue tones, while females are gray. Also, they are not very active, that is, they don't particularly like swimming. A very positive point that makes it an ideal fish for small aquariums. Dario Dario can be stored at room temperature and eat small live foods.
  • Dwarf Puffer Fish: The dwarf puffer fish is another fish that can live perfectly in nano aquariums. It is a complete freshwater puffer fish. Its size is about 3 cm. It does not require salt intake and its diet is based on snails or other live and frozen foods, such as prawns.
  • Killi Clown: It is a fish from Africa that can grow to about 4 cm. They are very eye-catching due to the black and white stripe pattern. They are fish that are close to the surface of the water and tend to jump. Therefore, it is best to have floating plants. This species also needs room to swim, so a long nano aquarium is ideal.

Nano aquarium for betta

betta fish have to live in places with clean water

The betta fish they are usually sold in pet stores and you can use a nano aquarium for them. However, they need enough space to swim. Although they will like a huge aquarium, sometimes our space is limited so a smaller aquarium can do the trick. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the better (especially if you plan to raise more fish).

Betta fish like to exercise and larger tanks allow them to do so. Being active is not only good for your health, but a larger tank means better water quality, because a smaller tank will quickly get dirty and fill with other contaminants. The bettera must be at least 2 liters.

There are many nano aquariums on the market, which can be perfectly adapted to the home environment. When space does not allow to accommodate an aquarium of more than 100 liters, a small aquarium can recreate a wonderful world for our fish. Therefore, it is necessary to know well how to choose the nano aquarium in which we are going to put our betta fish. It must bring an internal filter that serve as an oxygenator, a low consumption light and a capacity to move more than 100 liters per hour.

What plants to use in a nano aquarium

plants for nano aquarium

Here is a small description of aquatic plants that are well suited to a nano aquarium:

  • Christmas moss: This moss has long leaves shaped like small Christmas branches. It is anchored to surfaces such as wood and rock. With enough light it will form a compact growth form, sometimes with slightly drooping branches.
  • Riccardia chamedryfolia: The leaves of this coral-like moss are very small, making it very suitable for nano aquariums. This moss grows on wood or stone to form a round cushion. Coral moss grows slowly, but requires more light and nutrients than other mosses, as well as a large amount of carbon dioxide for healthy growth.
  • hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba": This is one of the smallest aquarium ground cover plants. A complex plant with round, light green leaves that grows quickly. If there is enough light and nutrients in the water column, Cuba will produce visible oxygen bubbles between its leaves.
  • Fissidens fontanusAlso known as phoenix moss, it is a wonderful kind of moss. Its delicate leaves are very small and feathery. This moss forms a round cushion that can be attached to decorations and substrates.
  • Micranthemum micranthemoides: It is a stem plant, and due to its small leaves, it is very suitable for nano aquariums. It forms dense clumps and can be used in the middle or at the back of the aquarium. It requires a complete fertilization program, containing macronutrients and micronutrients and carbon dioxide, so that this plant can grow quickly and healthily.
  • Eleocharis sp.. "Mini": Excellent plant in the form of grass. The plant spreads through stolons at a moderate rate. The thin stems are light green. The growth height is less than that of other Eleocharis species. That is why this plant is suitable for small aquariums.
  • Cryptocoryne parva: This is a very small variety of Cryptocoryne. The green leaves of this plant are slightly lanceolate. Like almost all other Cryptocoryne, this plant is not picky, but enough light, nutrient-rich substrate will make it grow better. Very suitable for the middle and foreground of nano aquariums.
  • Bucephalandra sp.: In recent years, different varieties of Bucephalandra have appeared more and more in hobbies. These slow-growing epiphytes are not demanding and small in size. The different shapes and colors of the leaves make them perfect plants for harvesting. They can be used to add a little green to rocks or wood.

Can an external filter be placed in a nano aquarium?

Yes, an external filter can be placed in a nano aquarium. There are filters with the capacity to be able to filter the water in aquariums with a capacity of about 30L. As long as the filter is useful for a volume of water less than 100 L it is more than enough.

Dimensions of a nano aquarium

Within the nano category we find different dimensions ranging from 7 liters to 30 liters in volume of water. There are models that have intermediate dimensions and most of them have an internal filter.

The lights are totally optional. Most of them usually have dimensions that vary between 25-35 centimeters long, 15-35 centimeters deep and 20-40 centimeters high.

Best nano aquarium brands

There are numerous quite competent brands with regard to nano aquariums, although the best brands are as follows:

  • Marine Aquarium Cool goldfish: They are aquariums with small capacity but quite efficient to treat cold-water fish. They tend to have low maintenance and long durability.
  • Aquarius nobility: I was towards him well known in the world of aquarium hobbies. They are usually aquarium, it is quite resistant and made of quality material. They stand out for being the most original and complete and usually have models with many colors available. Led lighting is usually found in its models, which implies energy savings.
  • Aquarium Deluxe: this is another of the well-known brands in this world. They usually have an original design and come with filters included. The lights have different shades depending on the light outside. It is usually one of the best options to buy in the world of nano aquariums.

Where to buy a cheap nano aquarium

Finding these good quality fish tanks can be a bit more difficult. However, we are going to give you a list of the places where you can find a cheap nano aquarium:

  • Amazon: here you can find a wide range of products with good quality and at a good price. All models come with a warranty and are very fast to transport.
  • kiwiko: is one of the stores specialized in pets and pets. There are both physical and online stores to purchase your nano aquarium.
  • Greenheart: Although it is a store specialized in plants, they also sell aquariums and fish. In this store you can find the best plants for your nano-aquarium with the total certainty that they will be the most recommended. They usually have good prices and there is both a physical store and a virtual store.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about nano aquariums, their characteristics and which are the best.

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