Tropical fish

Some freshwater tropical fish

In general, caring for fish in aquariums is relatively straightforward. Depending on each species, its natural habitat and its morphology, the care they need changes. Some cope with high temperatures more poorly, others cope better with high salinity, etc. Today we are going to talk about everything you need to know to properly care for tropical fish.

Do you want to know how to take care of them?

What you should know before having tropical fish in the aquarium

Aquarium freshwater fish

Like the rest of the species de peces, tropical freshwater fish require certain basic care to survive and have a certain quality of life. They are not extreme care or dedication of time, but they must be taken into account.

Among those care or requirements that tropical fish need are: a good water temperature, a proper cleaning of the aquarium and a correct diet. By fulfilling these three basic needs of a tropical fish, you can be healthy and showing off your characteristics to the fullest.

Among the tropical fish are the most beautiful and showy species for aquariums. Most of them have exotic shapes and intense colors that make them special and highly desired by people.

The aquarium to choose for your tropical fish is important. There are people who like to have a huge aquarium and others who use small fish tanks. It is important to know the species that you are going to introduce into the aquarium and how many specimens you are going to have at the same time. Each species requires a certain volume of water in order to carry out its daily actions. In addition, the morphology of the aquarium must be one way or another depending on what species are inside.

To give an example that helps understand this, there are species de peces What needs decoration in the aquarium? serve as a hiding place or to spawn. Others require gravel or sand, some require more abundant plants, etc. Therefore, not only the temperature and salinity conditions are the only ones that we must comply with.

What species to place at the same time and type of aquarium

Aquariums for tropical fish

The aquarium that houses species de peces tropical it has to be placed with indirect light And the bigger it is, the easier it is to maintain.

When choosing the species to be introduced into the aquarium, it must be borne in mind that there are predatory fish, others more territorial and others more calm. When mixing them, you must have a balance with fish that get along well and have different needs so that they do not kill each other.

Tropical fish grow quite large when they are adults, so the chosen size of the aquarium should be large enough to house all the fish in their adult state.

It is also important that the aquarium has space for some of the species to lay eggs and continues to respect the living space that each species you need to move and swim freely.

Necessary conditions

Stones and hiding places for fish

Tropical fish are used to warmer water temperatures. Therefore, a water heater must be purchased to maintain temperatures over 25 degrees. The water must be clean at all times, so a filter must be installed according to the size of the fish tank. The filter has to be of high quality, since the life of the fish depends on it. Water that is not well clean can cause fish diseases and lead to death.

Tropical ecosystems are made up of plants, gravel and some objects that serve as their hiding places. To fully recreate its natural ecosystem, the tank will need to be decorated so that the fish can move and hide.

Before placing the parts in the aquarium should be washed with running water to eliminate possible impurities that contaminate the aquarium and facilitate the spread of diseases.

As for the diet, this is already somewhat more complex, since it depends entirely on the type of diet that each species has. Although the fish are tropical, each one has a special diet. Some of them are carnivores, others herbivores, others are more versatile and eat everything ... For food it is important that you inform yourself about each species that is going to be introduced into the aquarium previously.

Another parameter to take into account when conditioning the aquarium is the pH. Each species of fish has its pH in which it can live in a healthy way. Generally, fish can live in water between 5.5 and 8.

Aquarium acclimatization for tropical fish

plants needed for tropical fish

To prepare the aquarium and accommodate it completely to incorporate the tropical species, you must have everything ready. The placed decoration, the water heater and the filter.

Once you have all the materials, the tank is filled to the top of distilled water. It is important that tap water is not used as it contains chlorine. The filter and heater cannot be turned on until the tank is completely full.

Once the aquarium is full, the heater and filter are connected to achieve the optimum temperature for tropical fish, that are between 21 and 29 ° C. The first reaction is where you notice that the water turns cloudy, but this is completely normal as it will take several days to acclimatize. The lights of the fish tank they should stay on for 10 to 12 hours a day.

It is necessary to leave the aquarium without fish running for several days so that the water reaches the necessary qualities to maintain healthy tropical fish. Once those days have passed, the fish that you want to introduce into it are introduced one by one.

During the first days, the control of pH and temperature must be exhaustive, since the acclimatization of the fish depends on it and their subsequent survival and adaptation to their new environment.

With these instructions you will be able to properly enjoy your tropical fish and enjoy their characteristics that make them so special and desired all over the world. If you want to know more about temperature regulation and some tropical species that get along well in aquariums, visit Ideal temperature for freshwater tropical fish

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