When it comes to getting interested in acquiring a certain variety of fish to add to our aquarium, a gigantic range of breeds opens up before us, whose sizes, colors, etc., are truly disparate. However, within this rich diversity, there is one fish that stands out above the rest due to characteristics that have made it popular. We talk about the Tents, one cold water fish more common.

Carp fish characteristics

The Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) originates from the European and Asian continents. It is one of the freshwater fish more resistant and better adapted to the place where you liveThis is why it has managed to conquer practically every corner of the planet and has earned the "privilege" of entering the list of the 100 most harmful invasive alien species in the world according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Usually, the adult specimens reach a length that varies between the 60 and 90 centimeters, and a weight that is around 9 kilograms.

You know how long does a fish live large tent? It is estimated that some specimens, if they enjoy certain conditions during their life, can reach 1.2 meters and weigh 40 kg, and exceed 60 years of age, almost nothing! They would also survive in stagnant and slightly brackish waters as long as these are in a temperature range between 17 and 24 ºC.

Carp fish

They are mainly omnivorous, and its diet consists of aquatic plants, insects, small crustaceans, etc. The breeding season begins in spring, and takes place in shallow, dense waters.

Females get to lay up 300.000 eggs which, depending on the water temperature, can hatch after 3-4 days.

Both males and females reach sexual maturity at 4 years of age. Although, a priori, it does not have very showy colors, in China and, more specifically in Japan, they managed through captive breeding to give rise to a new variety or breed of bright and vivid colors, smaller in size, known as Koi.

Kois fish

Koi fish

The Koi, unlike other sister species whose success has come from the hunting and fishing sector, have become popular as pets. By way of curiosity, Koi in Japanese means "love" or "affection", and the breeding of these animals grew significantly at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, when the Japanese koi ponds in which the colorful carp brought beauty became very famous. and spectacularity. So much so, that these ponds spread to different countries outside the Asian territory, and even the figure of the professional carp breeder.

How to take care of our Kois or Carp?

As mentioned above, the Kois have become the domestic fish par excellence. So much so, that it is the most recommended for all those who are starting in this wonderful hobby and who want to try a species that requires little care, is striking both in appearance and color, and that is a guarantee of success in their aquariums and ponds. .

Carp fish or Kois have a predilection for the middle or lower parts from the place where they are, always ascending to the surface in order to feed. They can live in small groups, with up to a total of 6-7 individuals. Of course, it should be noted that sometimes they can manifest a violent character, especially with smaller species. This circumstance is accentuated in those small and densely populated aquariums, in which it is easy to observe how these fish have aggressiveness problems. Therefore, it is not advisable to house them in small fish tanks, such as the typical round ones, or in those aquariums where they cohabit with a large number of specimens. This will also make your development the best possible. Space is vital for these fish, and therefore aquariums are recommended equal to or greater than 90 liters of water.

The temperature of the water should not be a big problem, since we already noticed that these animals adapt very well to the climatic conditions. Although, given the choice, these small tents they tolerate cold better, as long as it is moderate, than the heat, since high temperatures can lead to oxygen deficiencies in the water that, logically, would become lethal for its tenants. There have been cases in ponds in which these small animals have endured until frost.

As for food, it has already been said that they are omnivores (closer to carnivores), so do not go crazy. With the flake-shaped feed that we find in any establishment specialized in animals, it is enough. But if we want them to enjoy a richer and more varied diet, we can supply them with some live food like tiny insect larvae that are used for fishing. In addition, some vegetable supplement never hurts, even providing natural vegetables, in which we will observe how they themselves take small bites. You have to know that in winter, Kois and small carp go into a process of lethargy, in which its activity is considerably reduced, which implies a decrease in metabolism and, consequently, in the animal's appetite. If we observe that when feeding him, he does not consume the food or does so in very small quantities, it is not advisable to insist, much less worry, since overeating can result in fatal consequences.

Another very important issue is the filtering of the water. Said filtering in our aquarium or pond has to be done in a way external. If our fish are in a small aquarium without a filter, we must make frequent water changes, since this species generates a large amount of waste that greatly devalues ​​the quality of the oxygen stored in the water. We recommend that you bet on an external filter like these.

Varieties and species of Carp fish


In the market we are offered a wide variety of carp fish species for our aquarium. Despite being the same species, there are many species de peces Tent in which the colors and shapes are usually very different. Known as "American Comet" It is the most widespread variety because it requires the least care. Their fins are not as elongated and their body is thinner. He is followed by "Ryukin" o "Tail of Veil", which has quite long fins and a plump body. Very similar to the latter are the "Praying" and the "Lion's Head", although these species carry very characteristic cephalic papillae. These three, as we say, are the most widespread, but many others of great beauty can be added to them.

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  1.   Liz sifuentes said

    I have two tents like the orange in the first image, only they are not orange, they are silver, the problem is that one of them is turning red and I don't know why, if it is a disease or food, the other tent is the same silver color

    1.    DIEGO said

      Hi Liz.
      In principle, this species is carp, not carp, they have a lot in common, but they are very different from each other. For example, notice that a carp has hardly any dandruff and they are not colored,. On the other hand, the carpin yes and they are also species of various colors and they even have two tails, they are typical of China. in fact they are raised for human consumption.
      The carp too, but it's different ... anyway I'll try to answer your question.
      You have to bear in mind that all fish in captivity need to have enough oxygen in the water, it is necessary that you try to oxygenate the water by electrical means (devices).
      Sometimes it could also be the food that is not complete.
      Tap water is bad due to its excess of lime and chlorine.
      Suggestion: change the pond and try to change the food, I also advise you to consult a specialist and not anyone who says they know.

  2.   DIEGO said


    1.    Annette alvarez said

      Hello, I am a watercolor titled, I tell you that golfhis or goldfish, whether they are comet or diffused tail, are genetic crosses. You can buy a specimen with certain characteristics and color, to edit over time it can change its morphology and color as well since the color is obtained by its parents and ancestors to them. It is like in praying that there is some metamorphosis which makes it grow too large and can obstruct vision. In this case, surgical intervention must be carried out and the surplus removed. I have done a few of course while under anesthesia and it is done on a table out of the water with the appropriate precautions. In all of them I have been totally successful. I could also get a cyst in some part of the body which is more delicate to remove with more risks. I hope this review will serve you. I am from Uruguay, any questions at your service. Regards Annette

  3.   DIEGO said

    Liz, don't forget that the water temperature must be low and the pond bigger and with its corresponding components for its long life.
    Kind regards.

    1.    Horace Paez said

      I fly fish for cyprinids, there are many variants of carp and barbel, in a normal life and not fattened for carp fishing a carp can reach 30Kg. There are 47 but they are already obese (because of the boilis). In face you can see my photos of some large species. facebook com / flyfishingsevilla

  4.   Fabian said

    Liz: without discrediting the previous answers there may be several reasons, I don't know how old your fish are but if they are less than 3 years old there is something very important to take into account since it is very normal, both in the case of common carp or koi as in goldfish in almost all its varieties from birth to approx. 3 years of age, the constant color changes are totally normal, many times I have chosen small fish x the color but in most cases the color change until later his 3 years of life, and in my personal case the vast majority tended to take reddish or completely orange colors

  5.   Fabian said

    3 examples, one yellow with aketas and black back, I end up completely orange, orange with black fins today is totally orange, orange with a black line in the middle of the body, today it is practically all black except for some strong orange that it conserves on the head, the 3 are carassius or (goldfish) of the common variety that is my favorite

  6.   JULY said


  7.   Patrick said

    Hello, I just made a pond of 2000 liters approx and bought 6 carp fish but for a week that I have had them they have moved very little, I have fed them once a day with food for koy. Is it normal for them to be so calm? as an extra fact in my city Santiago de Chile there are 14 degrees in the day and about 7 degrees at night, we are in autumn.

  8.   facundo said

    I am from the city of Bahia Blanc south of the pvcia of Bs As, Argentina ... my question is about the feeding of carp in winter, I know that in countries like Spain they fish them with great cold, here I have tried and I have not been able to get any ... my question is if there are possibilities of being able to fish them or is it impossible, thank you very much

  9.   Ana Lilia said

    Hello, I have a fish like the yellow one that they say is golden koi and I want to know if it grows a lot

  10.   dolly said

    How many genes does carp have on chromosome 1?

  11.   Juan said

    I would like to know if they have Chilean carp fish for sale, the one that exists in the Chilean dam

  12.   RAUL RAMOS said

    What can happen if I put them in a disused swimming pool, it has stagnant water for 4 years, I tested the PH, and it's perfect, they told me to put an aerator, because it doesn't have a filter, the pool has about 5000 liters , is with less than half of the POOL.

  13.   Lorena said

    Good morning, I have a pond with abundant carp, I need to make repairs in the pond so I will have to remove them, I would like recommendations of what type of reservoir I should locate them while I carry out the repairs of the pond and how long is the maximum recommended time.

  14.   David bravo morales said

    Hello, I would like to know if my koi fish damages other types of fish because it is that another of my lion-faced fish is dying and I do not know why. Thank you.

  15.   Denis said

    Hello, carp fish need oxygen

  16.   Denis said

    Hello, carp fish need oxygen, my fish swims a lot and on the surface I want to know if it needs it to be able to help it, I don't like that the animal suffers even if it is a fish, I feel sad to know that something bad happens to it.