How long does a fish live?

Aquarius de peces

You may have wondered how long does a fish live, what is its average life in an aquarium and the truth is that, for sure, I could not tell you an exact number of years because fish can live from a few hours to a few years, depending many times on the resistance of the fish, how old it is and also how it is raised.

When they have in fish tanks, not aquariums, the most professionals say they can last is 2-3 years because the fish do not hold much longer due to the stress that they live in it. Others say that, if they are well cared for, they can last for many years and accompany you in your life.

The truth is that the fish we buy are usually small in age (about 2 months old) with which they will last us at least a couple of years if we take good care of them. Also depending on the species, you will make it last longer or shorter. For example, the fish that are used to clean the windows, the cleaners, can last much more than 2 years if they are well and not stressed, in addition to growing a lot.

Experts say that fish, with good constitution and well cared for (discover how long can you go without eating), they can live 10-15 years in aquariums (not in fish tanks) and they can even extend that age longer, exceeding that of a dog. But, as I told you, it must be a very well cared for aquarium where it does not lack anything.

A "guiding rule»Tells us that the larger the average size of a species, the greater its longevity, so that the larger it is, the longer it will live, although you have to take this into account for your aquarium, you will not want a fish too much large because it can eat other fish.

How long do orange fish live?

Carp fish

Most of the fish that we buy in shops dedicated to the sale of pet animals are usually called orange fish, carp or goldfish. They are the most popular species and the one that we most frequently see in fish tanks and aquariums. However, they are not the oldest.

These fish are much more delicate and fragile than we think. That is why there are cases in which we buy one of these little animals and they survive for only a few months, and even a few days. It is true that this rule is not always fulfilled, since with the correct care, we can make the orange fish endure with us in 2 to 3 years.

It must be borne in mind that these fish are raised in large ponds where they develop and grow rapidly, despite being young. Therefore, all those specimens that are in the bird shops and pet stores are very young.

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How long does a clown fish live?

The clown fish they are one of the most attractive aquatic animals. Its striking orange and reddish color, combined with their White Stripes, make it unmistakable. It is true that within this group de peces, up to more than thirty species are housed.

In their natural habitat, these fish are found in warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, widely populated with coral reefs, accompanied by anemones, which offer them protection against possible predators at the same time that they provide various sources of food. In these circumstances, these animals live between two and fifteen years approximately, depending, yes, on the kind of clownfish to which we refer.

Unlike other species de peces which have also been bred for life in captivity, clownfish do not require very tedious care, so they are a good option to incorporate into our aquarium, in which, if nothing strange happens and they are well cared for, we can enjoy of them since 5 to 10 years.

How long does a kite fish live?

Kite fish

The kite fish They are one of the best known small aquarium fish. Their wide variety of colors makes them very attractive animals, especially for the little ones in the house. In their favor, it should also be noted that they are very sociable, so they do not show problems when living with other species.

All these characteristics make the kite fish one of the most advisable fish for all those who are starting in this hobby. Moreover, it is an animal that does not need much care, despite belonging to the family of the kite fish or goldfish.

It's no wonder these fish can have a life in captivity of 5 10 years, as long as they are properly cared for.

How long does a guppy fish live?

River fish

The guppy fish They are one of the varieties that breeders and fans are most passionate about. Within this species, we can find very different individuals from each other, in terms of color and morphology, hence its popularity.

They are animals that live in freshwater areas, mainly in those with low current such as rivers, lakes and ponds. In the natural environment, we find them in countries of Central America as Trinidad, Barbados, Venezuela and the north of Brazil.

The characteristics that the water that houses these animals must have must be: temperature between 22 and 28 degrees, 25 degrees being the most optimal; the pH has to be alkaline, and never below 6.5 or above 8. If we achieve all this, these fish will be able to live 2 years.

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How long does a fish live out of water?

Fish out of water

One of the biggest concerns for breeders is how long the fish can stay alive out of the water. And, contrary to what we think, these animals can endure some time outside the aquatic environment depending on what the conditions are.

If, out of the water, the fish is in a place with rather cold room temperature and deposited on a surface that does not absorb moisture quickly, it can last with life up to almost 1 hour.

There are cases in which the fish have jumped, incredible as it may seem, from the fish tank or pond. If this happens, and we still find our fish alive, we must introduce it as quickly as possible in a container that has the same water as the fish tank or pond. Subsequently, we have to rinse it delicately with the help of a cup, in order to remove any possible dust particles, etc., that have adhered to its skin. It is very important that we bear in mind that we do not have to rub the fish with force to avoid causing external injuries. After observing it a few 24 hours Inside the container and having verified that it is okay, we will proceed to return it to the fish tank or pond.

How long does a fish live in the sea?

Inside a marine ecosystem there are countless species, many of them fish. Enter the different species de peces There are multiple differences, and in life expectancy it was not going to be less.

Normally, fish that live in seas and oceans live longer than their companions that do the same in lakes and rivers. There are fish that barely live a year, while others live up to half a century. Exceptionally, sturgeons and groupers have been found with more than Age 100. But if we were to make an average of the life expectancy of marine fish, we would say that it is close to the 20 years.

If we want to know how old a fish is, there is a fairly reliable trick. As with the rings that draw the trunks of trees, if we look at the scales of a fish, they also draw a series of growth lines. Each of these lines reflects one year of age of the animal. To do this, it is necessary to use a high magnification magnifying glass, since with the naked eye it is almost impossible.

How long does a cold water fish live?

Coldwater fish include those that live in lakes, rivers, and all domestic fish raised for aquariums and fish tanks. There are many varieties, but, unlike fish that live in marine waters, they tend to live for less time.

If before we said that marine fish can reach a very high life expectancy, even reaching 20 years and much higher figures, cold water fish usually have a life span from two years to the 15 years.

We hope that with our article you already have a clearer idea of how long does a fish live and the life expectancy of these small (and not so small) fish that we usually have at home.

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  1.   little fish said

    well my catfish still lives 4 years

  2.   lyneth :) said

    My fish is 5 years old and is in a fish tank and they still have more left

  3.   lunch said

    I have a lion fish and now it has lived 5 years

    1.    Julia said

      My fish died today, 13 years with me. I feel terrible, I had tumors on my head that grew a lot lately. This morning he was asleep when he always woke up early and died in the afternoon.

  4.   Thu Painter Fresh said

    I have a lion fish and until now it has lived for 13 years but without leaving it without any neglect of attention

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    My cold water fish seems to be dying, help me!

  6.   super elisa said

    My fish has already died, it has lasted 4 months

  7.   carla said

    my fish is very still and does not want to eat !! I don't know what he has ... for two days I gave him another meal. I don't know if that would be it. help . is like dying

    1.    Diego Martinez said

      I had a fish that died in March and I competed at the end of December

  8.   genesis said

    my 4 year old fish died it was a big telescope

  9.   nytcyvette said

    I had an oscar fish that lasted me 13 years.

  10.   cristian said

    How do I do it for the pH and temperature if I have several types of cyclids in my aquarium

    1.    ani said

      to 32

  11.   ani said

    my parakeet is 15 years old

  12.   Achilles said

    I have an Acanthurus Achilles and it has been in my aquarium for 4 years a month ...

  13.   Eduardo said

    it has had many fish, the one that has lived the most was a climbing: fourteen years !!!!!!! He passed away a few days after my dog ​​of the same age had passed away …… .. maybe out of sadness at not seeing him, I don't know if he would see much, but when Hercules approached the fish tank my scale moved as I say, waving haha

  14.   guadalupe said

    Hello! My dog ​​has already been there for three years and does not want to move much and is in a vertical position and breathes very quickly.

  15.   lic. ximena said

    well not everything they say is true
    I am a marine biologist

  16.   Daniel said

    I have had a characius for 9 years and it is so big that the body does not fit in the palm of the hand and another one of less age and size

  17.   anahi said

    Hello, I have a fish that is alone and is in a 50 liter fish tank and it has already been around 15 years and I do not know if more and the truth that poor does not have the great care

  18.   Marta said

    Well, I had an orange fish, the kind that cost 100 pesetas back then, and in a glass fish tank, the usual ones, I get to live 17 years. Of course, changing the water every two -three days and always cleaning the stones at the bottom well.
    For a little fish, it was a bit of a drama when he died.

  19.   Sara said

    They left me two fish on request, and after three days they died they have lived four years and I take good care of them but I don't know what happened.

  20.   Luis Eduardo Manotas placeholder image said

    The Aequidens diadema (mojarrita) fish is a predator of the larvae of culicides (mosquitoes) transmitting Dengue, Chikungunya and Zica; it adapts to the waters of the ponds of the houses for domestic use and ensures the elimination of sources of mosquitoes.
    Luis Eduardo Manotas S. MD.

  21.   Nelson said

    My fish is already 100, I don't know if it's a fish or a turtle xD!

  22.   Mariana said

    my fish was 11 years ago and the fish tank is 35 cm by 16 cm, and it's fine, I just lost an eye!

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    we have a fish that is 20 years old

  24.   Alejandro said

    I have fish at home in a fish tank and they have lasted me for 15 years another 16 years (golden and old water fish also called bottom cleaners)

  25.   smile said

    Well, I change the water to my fish every 3 months or more and it is in a fish tank that doesn't even fit anymore. It has made us huge! I hope it lasts 20 years.

    Note: it's one of those cold water trinkets

  26.   Stephanie said

    I have a fish he created that is molly and it has survived until moving, he was 3 and he killed them now this alone and he has already about 4 years with me, in a simple fish tank and without much care. Added to use it for a biology experiment. He is immortal hahaha.

  27.   Rodrigo said

    I like… I have my fish from the size of a phalanx. Today they have that of a closed hand. 5 years cold water in fish tanks. Obviously I changed them bigger. But I would like you to live long ...

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    They gave me around 17 little fish of cold water and in the last 15 days they have been dying. I don't know what happened to them. They had 4 months with us plus 6 months with whoever gave them to me.

  29.   Please help said

    My dog ​​Dorozi ate my fish but I think he lives because I hear him breathe

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    I have a 2-year-old telescopic and I'm going to take care of it so that it lasts for 5 more years.

  31.   john said

    Well, if they can last a long time, we in the house had three fish in the aquarium since 2008, one died 2 years ago, then another eight months ago and there is still one alive and we keep it.

  32.   Cardenas said

    I have a cheap cold water fish, it is 9 years old, it has survived the beginning of hypothermia, lack of oxygen I have even the bite of another fish and as if it were not enough From time to time I eat bread, so I think it will accompany me for a long time more time, chiqui is all terrain

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    My fish is one of the oranges and is 20 years old, always alone and in a fish tank, now 20 liters

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    I have 2 fish my fish are more than 5 years old



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    I have a cock fish that I don't know how long it will live but it won't stop moving

  37.   Álvaro said

    I have an orange tent. I have it in the same container in which they gave it to me and the truth is that it is holding me a lot. The fish is 5 years old. This fish marks a stage in my life, I bought it when Hiba was in the first year of ESO and now that I am in a training cycle I realize what it is. If one of these days he goes away, a part of me goes with him. It is like a little brother, no matter how small they are, you love them like your relatives.

  38.   star said

    why didn't you say how or how long does he live

  39.   JORGE said

    My lebiasin or puddle fish lived up to 12 years and died as an old man, had practically hunched over and was blind in one eye, apart from its almost silver-green color having turned almost black and skinny on its stomach ... He was even interested in hunting smaller fish like the guppies that I always gave him for food ...

  40.   Luis Antago Herrera Betancourt said

    I like fish they are cute there are many species thanks for the information

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    My fish in the tank have always lived more than 15 years, the goldfish that I have now is very old and still alive, it must be 16 or 17 years old and still….