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The aquarium is kept clean thanks to filtering

The AquaClear filters will sound like anyone who has been in the aquarium world for a while, since they are one of the most famous and most experienced brands in aquarium filtering. Their backpack filters, also known as waterfalls, are especially valued and used by the entire community.

In this article we will talk about AquaClear filters in depth, we will recommend some of their models, we will see their specifications and we will even teach you how to clean them. We also recommend that you read this related article on osmosis filter for aquarium, everything you need to know.

Best AquaClear filters

Next we will see the best filters of this brand. Although they all share the same specifications and, of course, quality, the difference can mainly be found in the maximum liters that the aquarium can have where we are going to install the filter and the number of liters processed per hour:

Aqua Clear 20

This filter features all the usual AquaClear quality, as well as a very silent system, and of course its three filtering modes, for aquariums that do not exceed 76 liters. It has a flow rate that processes more than 300 liters per hour. It is very easy to assemble and takes up hardly any space.

Aqua Clear 30

In this case it's about a filter that allows its installation in aquariums up to 114 liters, and that can process more than 500 liters per hour. Like all AquaClear filters, it is silent and includes three different filtrations (mechanical, chemical and biological). With AquaClear the water in your aquarium will be simply crystal clear.

Aqua Clear 50

This model of the AquaClear filter is identical to the others, but recommended for use in aquariums up to 190 liters. It can process about 700 liters per hour. Like the other models, the AquaClear 50 includes a flow control with which you can reduce the water flow.

Aqua Clear 70

And we end with the largest model of the filters of this brand, which can be used neither more nor less than in aquariums up to 265 liters. This filter can also process a whopping more than a thousand liters per hour. It is much larger than the others, which ensures incredible power (so much that some comments say they have it adjusted to the minimum).

How an AquaClear filter works

A lot de peces blues in an aquarium

AquaClear filters are what known as backpack filters. These types of filter are especially suitable for small and medium aquariums. They are "hooked" outside the tank, on one of the upper edges (hence its name), which does not take up space inside the aquarium and, furthermore, they are not as bulky as external filters designed for larger aquariums. In addition, they drop the water in a kind of waterfall, which improves its oxygenation.

The AquaClear filter works like most filters of this type:

  • Firstly, water enters through a plastic tube and enters the filter.
  • Entonces the device performs filtering from bottom to top and the water passes through three different filters (mechanical, chemical and biological, which we will talk about later).
  • Once the filtering is done, the water falls back into the aquarium, this time clean and free of impurities.

The interesting thing about the filters of this excellent brand is that they include, in addition to the three different filters, a flow control with which you can reduce the water flow by up to 66% (for example, when feeding your fish). The filter motor does not stop working at any time, and, even if the flow is reduced, the quality of the filtered water does not decrease either.

Types of AquaClear Filter Replacement Parts

AquaClear filters help keep water clean

As we said before, AquaClear filters have three filtering systems to remove all impurities of the water and leave it as clean as possible.

Mechanical filtration

Is the first filtration that kicks in when the filter works, which is the one that traps the largest impurities (such as, for example, remains of poop, food, suspended sand ...). Thanks to mechanical filtration, the water is not only kept clean, but also reaches the biological filtration in the best possible way, the most complicated and delicate filter of the three. In the case of AquaClear, this filter is made with foam, the best way to capture these residues.

Chemical filtration

Just above the foam that carries out mechanical filtration we find the chemical filtration, consisting of activated carbon. What this filtration system does is eliminate very small particles dissolved in the water that mechanical filtration has not been able to trap. For example, it is very useful when you want to clean the water after medicating your fish, as it will remove any remaining medicine. It also serves to eliminate odors. This filter is not recommended for use in freshwater aquariums.

Biological filtration

Finally we come to the most delicate filtration, the biological one. And it is that this filtration is responsible for the bacteria that live in Biomax, the ceramic tubes that AquaClear uses in this filter. The bacteria that are housed in the canutillos are responsible for converting the particles that come to them (for example, from decomposing plants) into much less toxic elements in order to keep your aquarium in good health and your fish happy. In addition, the biological filtration that AquaClear offers you has the advantage that it can be used in both fresh and salt water aquariums.

Is AquaClear a good filter brand for aquariums?

Two fish facing each other in an aquarium

AquaClear is undoubtedly a very good brand for both beginners and experts in the world of aquariums. Not only because they are a brand with a lot of history and that it is also available in a lot of places (either online or in physical stores of animals, for example) but because the opinions that proliferate on the internet all have many points in common: that they are It is a classic brand, with a lot of experience building filters, which is of the highest quality and puts a lot of care in its products.

Are the AquaClear filters noisy?

AquaClear has models even for very large aquariums

AquaClear filters are famous for being quite quiet. However, it is common for them to ring during the first days of use, as they still have to take some filming.

A trick so that it does not sound so much is to try that the filter is not resting on the aquarium glass, since many times it is this contact that causes vibration and noise, which can become somewhat annoying. To do this, isolate the filter from the glass, for example, by putting rubber rings. The position of the filter is also important so that it does not make so much noise, it has to be completely straight.

Finally, if it continues to make a lot of noise, it is recommended that you check if it has some solid residue (such as grit or some debris) remained between the turbine and the motor shaft.

How to clean an AquaClear filter

A very small fish tank with a fish

AquaClear filters, like all filters, should be cleaned from time to time. Although how often you have to do it depends on each aquarium and its capacity, you will usually know that it is time for a cleaning when the outlet flow begins to decrease (usually every two weeks) due to the debris that has been accumulating.

  • First of all you will have to unplug the filter so as not to get an unexpected spark or worse.
  • After disassemble the filter components (the carbon motor, the ceramic tubes and the filter sponge). In fact, AquaClear already includes a comfortable basket with which cleaning everything should not take more than five minutes.
  • Put some aquarium water in a basin.
  • It is very important that you use the aquarium water to clean the sponge and other components filter. Otherwise, if for example you use tap water, these can become contaminated and the filter would stop working.
  • It is also vital that you do it again place everything where it was correctlyOtherwise, the lid will not close properly, so the filter would stop working properly.
  • Finally, never plug in the filter and run it dryOtherwise there is a danger that it will overheat and burn.

How often do you have to change the filter loads?

AquaClear filters also work in salt water

Normally, filter loads must be changed from time to time so that the filter continues to do its job correctly, otherwise the amount of debris that accumulates can affect both the quality of the filtrate and the water flow. Although, as always, it depends a lot on the capacity of the aquarium, the most common is:

  • Change the sponge every two years or so, or when it's sticky and breaks.
  • Change the activated carbon filter once a month or so.
  • The ceramic beads in general they do not have to be changed. The more the bacteria colony thrives, the better they will do their filtering job!

AquaClear filters are a quality solution for filtering your aquarium both for newbies in this world and for experts, as well as for those who have an aquarium of modest dimensions or those that can compete with the ocean itself. Tell us, what filters do you use in your aquarium? Do you recommend any? What experience have you had with this brand?

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