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Water at the correct temperature is vital

We have already said on several occasions that the most difficult, as well as the most vital, when having an aquarium is maintain a stable medium. That means that it must be kept within a temperature range, with the help of an aquarium fan, and with clean water, in a condition so that the fish can live.

Today we are going to focus on the first, how to maintain a stable temperature in an aquarium, something especially difficult in hot months like these. Therefore, we will see different types of aquarium fan that will allow us to keep the temperature of the aquarium stable, as well as tips for choosing it and the best brands, among others. By the way, to check the temperature reliably, we recommend this other article about the best aquarium thermometer.

Best Aquarium Fans

Types of aquarium fans

Fan seen up close

Roughly, all fans do the same, but as always there are a lot of products that can make a difference and totally adapt to you and your fish or, the horror, become a junk that is of little use to us. That's why we've compiled the most common types of aquarium fans to help you find the perfect tool.

With thermostat

Undoubtedly one of the most useful, if not the most useful, especially if you are clueless or if you are a novice in the matter. Thermostat fans have an automatic function that automatically shuts off when the aquarium reaches the desired temperature, and are activated if this temperature is exceeded.

Some thermostats are a device that you have to buy in addition to the fan. They are designed to be connected to this, and have a temperature sensor that goes into the water to, of course, measure the temperature at which it is. The main brands of accessories for aquariums, such as JBL, recommend that you use your thermostat only with fans of their brand to avoid possible incompatibilities with the device, the voltage ...


A silent fan It is essential if you have the aquarium close by (for example, in the office) and you do not want to go crazy with noise. Sometimes they are difficult to find, or they do not directly fulfill what they promise, so in these situations it is highly recommended to check the opinions of the product on the internet.

Another option, somewhat quieter than fans, are water coolers. (which we will talk about later), which act the same, but with less noise.

With probe

A ventilator with probe it is essential if it is a model with a thermostat, since, if not, how else is the device going to activate? Normally the probe is a cable that is connected to the device, with the detector itself at the end, which you have to plunge into the water to detect the temperature.

Nano fan

For those who do not want a big and ugly fan there are some smaller ones, usually with very cute and compact designs, which are responsible for refreshing the water in your aquarium. Yes indeed, only work with aquariums up to a certain amount (check it in the specs of the model), since being smaller, they are a little less efficient.

Best brands of aquarium fans

A red fan

There are three major brands specialized in aquarium products and, more specifically, in fans and cooling systems.


Boyu is a company established in Guangdong (China) with more than twenty years of experience designing aquarium products. In fact, They have all kinds of products, from fans to even wave makers, and of course a lot of different aquariums, with a small piece of furniture and everything to make them more aesthetic.


This Barcelona brand has been offering neither more nor less than since 1996 making aquariums and products designed to improve the lives of our fish available to fans. Regarding the fans, offer one of the cheapest ways to refresh your aquarium on the market, as well as heaters, in case you need the opposite effect.


Undoubtedly the most prestigious company and brand of aquarium products with the longest history, since its foundation dates back to the sixties in Germany. What's more, they have a lot of cooling systems available, and not only for small aquariums, but they offer solutions even for aquariums up to 200 liters.

What is an aquarium fan for?

Hot water does not have as much oxygen and it is difficult for fish to breathe

Heat is one of the worst enemies of our fish, not only because it is difficult to bear, but also because, in the heat, there is less oxygen in the water. Above, the reverse process occurs in fish, since heat activates them and causes their metabolism to need more oxygen to live. This means that if the water is too hot, it will be harder for the fish to breathe. That is why maintaining the temperature of the aquarium is so important, and why we need a thermometer and a ventilation system that are in charge of keeping the water at the right temperature.

How to choose an aquarium fan

A yellow fish walks through an aquarium

As we have seen before, there are several types of fans availableIt will depend on our needs and preference to choose one or the other. That is why we have prepared this list with the most common things to take into account when choosing the perfect aquarium fan:

Aquarium size

A fish swimming through an aquarium

Firstly, the most important thing we are going to look at is the size of the aquarium. Obviously, larger aquariums will need more fans, or more power, to be able to keep the water at the right temperature. When you go to buy the fan, look at the specifications, most fans indicate up to how many liters they have power to cool.

Fixation System

The fixing system is closely linked to how easy the fan is to assemble and disassemble. Most have a clip system that hooks to the top of the aquarium to cool from above, one of the quickest and most convenient ways to mount and remove the fan and store it when we no longer need it, as it is likely, depending on where let's live, that we only use it during the hottest months of the year.

Fish happy because the water is at the right temperature


As we said before, the noise of the fan is something to take into account if you have the aquarium in an office or in a dining room and you do not want to go crazy. Although the simplest models are usually not very quietIt is a very interesting option that you can check in the product specifications. In this case, it is also highly recommended to see what users think of the product, even looking for a video on YouTube to see how it sounds.


Finally, fan speed is related to power. Sometimes, however, it is more convenient to buy three fans in one than a single very powerful one, as this will cool the water evenly, which is especially important in larger aquariums.

How to use the aquarium fan correctly

An orange fish in the water

In addition to the aquarium fan, there are other factors that help keep the water temperature right. To achieve this, follow the following tips:

  • Keep the aquarium away from direct heat sources or sunlight (For example, if it is near a window, close the curtains). If you can, keep the aquarium room as cool as possible.
  • Open the cover top to refresh the water. If necessary, lower the water level a few inches so that your fish do not jump.
  • Turn off the aquarium lights, or at least reduce the hours they are on, to reduce heat sources.
  • Install the fan following the product instructions. It is best to position it so that it covers as much water as possible at the top. In large aquariums, you may need a pack with several fans to allow the water to cool evenly.
  • Finally, checks the thermometer several times a day to see that the temperature is correct. If it isn't, avoid chilling the water by adding ice cubes or the sudden change in temperature can stress your fish.

Aquarium fan or cooler? What are the advantages and differences of each one?

Aquarium fan seen up close

Although your goal is the same, a fan and a cooler are not the same appliance. The first is much simpler, since it simply consists of a fan or several that cool the water from above, whose more complex models are accompanied by a thermostat that automatically turns on or off when it detects that the water is not at the right temperature.

Instead, a cooler is a more complex and much more powerful device. Not only can it keep your aquarium at an ideal temperature, it can also keep the heat emanating from other instruments installed in the aquarium at bay. Coolers are a good acquisition for very large or very delicate aquariums, yes, they are much more expensive than a fan.

Where to buy cheaper aquarium fans

There are not many places where you can find aquarium fansThe truth is, since they are a very specific device that is usually only used for a few months of the year. A) Yes:

  • En Amazon It is where you will find the highest variety of fans, although sometimes their quality leaves something to be desired. Therefore, especially in this case, we recommend that you look very carefully at the opinions of other users, who will be able to give you clues as to whether the product is going to be useful to you or not.
  • Furthermore, in pet shops Specialized, such as Kiwoko or Trendenimal, you will also find quite a few models available. Also, the good thing about these stores is that you can go in person and see the product with your own eyes, and even ask someone in the store if you have questions.

An aquarium fan can save your fish's life in the hottest months of the year, with what is undoubtedly a very useful device. Tell us, how do your fish cope with the heat? Do you have a fan that works especially well for you? Do you want to share your advice and doubts with the rest?

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