The best aquarium lamps

Aquarium lighting

The lighting in an aquarium plays a fundamental role in the life of our fish. To find a quality light, it is best to use LEDs. However, when we go to acquire our lighting for the aquarium, we come up with thousands of questions about it. What lighting is the most suitable? What kinds of aquarium lamps are there? What lights are the best? How should we light a fish tank? Among other.

To do this, today we are going to talk about the best aquarium lamps that adapt to you.

The best aquarium lamps

nicrew led

This model has five sizes and is adjustable between 30 and 136 cm. It has a power consumption of between 6 and 32 W. It has two light modes: white and blue. It is used for fresh water as well as for salt water and it is recommended for those natural plants that have a low level of light in their requirements. It has a low consumption because it has LED technology. click here to buy this lamp.

Kessil A360WE

With a consumption of 90W, this model has adjustable intensity and spectrum cures. They are 15% brighter than other types of lamps. It also has LED technology, it is compatible with external drivers. It can have multiple lights in string. It is more recommended for those aquariums with plants and fresh water. It can be used for those plants that have a medium and high level of light demand in their requirements. You can see they will be for clicking here.

Fluval Fresh & Plant

Colon consumption between 32 and 59 W, this lamp has a size of 61-153 cm. It is ideal for those aquariums that have real and freshwater plants. It can have a scattering angle of 120 degrees. It has a lifespan of 50.000 hours, so it is quite efficient. It is used for those plants that have a medium and high level of light in their requirements. It features LED technology across the full spectrum. If you want to buy this lamp click here.

Current USA Orbit

This model has a power of 18 W. It has a wireless infrared control and a high-performance LED chip. The light scattering angle can be up to 120 degrees.

Some considerations about aquarium lamps

When we start a new aquarium, it is best to start a photoperiod of about 6 hours during the first month. Once the fish have adapted to the plant, we can increase up to 8 hours of light in the following months. When 2 to 3 months have already passed we can extend the photoperiod between 10 and 12 hours depending on the particularities of each tank.

These recommendations are general but can help improve the growth performance of both plants and fish. With each type of aquarium, type of water, species of fish you have and plants, you will have to know the specifications to find the necessary lighting.

As you can see, lighting inside a fish tank is essential. I hope that with these recommendations you can choose between the best aquarium lamps.

Characteristics that the lighting of an aquarium should have

Fishbowl lighting

The lamps are necessary devices to be able to provide in a controlled way the illumination inside the fish tank. In the aquarium we must recreate conditions similar to those that fish have in their natural ecosystem. Therefore, some elements are needed to recreate these conditions in the healthiest way possible and maintain a balance.

When many people start in the world of aquariums they often make the mistake of underestimating the role of lighting. Achieving correct lighting is important if we want to guarantee the best conditions for our fish. In addition, aesthetically favor the image of the aquarium completely. Today, aquarium lamps have great technologies like LED lighting making electricity consumption much lower.

Each aquarium is unique and the lighting for each of them depends on the ecosystem we are recreating and its particular characteristics. Some of the variables that we must take into account are: the size of the aquarium, the species of fish, the fact of having natural or artificial plants and aesthetics in general. The lighting must have proportions according to the tank to recreate the necessary light in the ecosystem. If we use natural light for our aquarium we cannot stop the growth of arias. Therefore, it is advisable to use artificial light.

A biological rhythm must be provided with periods of light and darkness between 8 and 12 hours. If they light up the more, the only thing we will be doing is wasting more energy. If we have natural plants we must increase the lighting a little since it will need it.

Aquarium lamp lighting technology

Aquarium lamps

The main articles that have been had to illuminate the fish tanks have been the fluorescent tubes. This is due to the economical price, the variety and the greater yield for its duration. Thanks to technology, the spectrum of possibilities for fish tank lights has been expanded. Aquarium lamps are now halogen and vapor type. Currently, the most efficient are those that have LED technology. They are the ones that advance at an unstoppable pace and those that represent the most adaptable and efficient lighting for fish tanks.

To measure the effectiveness of the lighting of an aquarium if they use some variables such as:

  • The amount of light emitted by the light source.
  • Quality of the light spectrum.
  • Duration and life cycle of the lamp.

led lights

We cannot place the lighting anywhere in the third. It must cut the light energy necessary for the aquarium plants to develop properly. In addition, aesthetically the lighting situation has a great relevance in the final perception of the aquarium. In this way, if we place the light correctly, the observer will be able to appreciate the best shape of all the colors of the fish and plants.

Illuminated from the front, the aquarium light will shine on the fish and plants from the front. This is how the observer can better perceive the range of colors.

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