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Without a doubt, silicone for aquariums is a basic that we must have on hand for any eventuality, that is, if suddenly a leak appears in our aquarium and begins to lose water. Silicone is the best product that we will find to repair it, since it is totally waterproof and, if it is specially prepared, it does not harm the health of our fish.

In this article we will see what silicone we can use in our aquarium, its best brands and colors and even where to buy the cheapest products. In addition, if you are interested in this whole topic of DIY aquariums, we also recommend that you read this other article about building your own saltwater aquarium.

The most recommended aquarium silicone

In order not to make a mistake in the choice, below we have directly compiled some of the most recommended aquarium silicones with which you will not have any problem:

Why is aquarium silicone special and you can't just use just any silicone?

It is important to choose a silicone that is not harmful to fish

Aquarium silicone is a very useful material both for repairing an old or damaged aquarium or assembling a new one, as well as for gluing or fastening parts and decorations. Although there are other products that fulfill the same function, silicone is undoubtedly the most used, since it is a product based on silicone and acetone that withstands extreme temperatures, making it ideal. By the way, this material does not work in acrylic aquariums, but they have to be made of glass.

However, not all commercially available silicones are safe for use in an aquarium, as they include some chemicals or fungicides that can affect the health of your fish. Although, in principle, if the label says "100% silicone" is a sign that it is safe, it is best to opt for a product specially designed for use in aquariums.

Is neutral silicone suitable for aquariums?

A great aquarium

We can divide silicone into two large groups, either acetic or neutral. In the first case, it is a silicone that releases acids and has a very characteristic smell, similar to vinegar. It can affect some fish and on top of that it takes longer to dry.

Neutral silicone, on the other hand, does not release any type of acids, does not smell and dries quickly. In principle, you can use it for an aquarium, although it is much more recommended that you buy a specific silicone to use in this context, since the components can change between manufacturers. The special silicones are specifically intended for use in aquariums, so you will not get any unexpected scares.

Aquarium silicone colors

Broken glass causes leaks

As long as the silicone you buy is special for aquariums, that is, that do not carry any chemicals that could be dangerous to the life of your fish, the choice of one color or another in the silicone is simply an aesthetic criterion. The most common (although there are others, such as gray or brown) are the white, transparent or black silicone colors.


Although it is undoubtedly the most classic silicone colorWhite silicone does not usually look very good in aquariums precisely because of its color (although things change if your aquarium has a white frame, of course). You can use it to seal figures to the base of the aquarium.


The most recommended silicone color for aquariums is, without a doubt, transparent. Not only will it not matter what color your aquarium is, but it will blend in nicely in water and glass. You can use it to stick anything or carry out any repair, thanks to its non-existent color you will hardly notice anything.


Black silicone, as in the case of white, is a product that will depend on your tastes and the color of your aquarium. As the yayas say, the good thing about black is that it is a very suffered color, with which it also it can be a good option if you want to hide something or stick decorations in a dark area, such as the background.

How to apply aquarium silicone correctly

Fish at the bottom of an aquarium

Silicone goes very well to repair aquariums, but you cannot apply it as is, on the contrary, you have to take into account a series of situations and how to proceed:

  • For example, if you have bought a second hand aquarium, make sure there are no cracks and, if there are, repair them first with the silicone.
  • Is better than empty the aquarium before proceeding, since the surface where the silicone is to be applied has to be clean and dry and, in addition, it will need to dry.
  • In case you do not want to empty the entire aquarium, you can empty it until the fissure is left on the surface, although in this case you will have to be extremely careful not to drop liquid silicone into the water (As you can imagine, we do not recommend it at all).
  • Si vas a repair a glass that was previously repaired with silicone, clean the old remains with a utility knife and acetone. Dry it well before repairing it.
  • The silicone you apply does not have to have bubblesOtherwise they can burst and cause another leak.
  • Equally, if you are going to join two pieces of glass with silicone, make sure there is material between the two. If the glass is in contact with another glass it can crack if they shrink or expand due to a change in temperature.
  • Repair of inside outside so that the silicone completely fills the crack.
  • Finally, let it dry as long as you need.

How long should the silicone in an aquarium be allowed to dry?

A very small fish tank

For it to work properly, as we have told you, you will have to let the silicone dry perfectly, otherwise it will be as if you had not done anything. Therefore, it is very important that you respect the drying process of this product, which tends to be between 24 and 48 hours.

Best Aquarium Silicone Brands

Fish swimming

In the market we find a lot of silicone marks, so finding the one that is ideal for our aquarium can be quite an adventure. That is why we will see the most recommended in the following list:


Olivé silicones are a classic in the construction world. Its line for aquariums stands out for having fast drying, good adhesion and elasticity. In addition, they resist aging very well, so the product will last many years doing its job. Like all silicones of this type, this product is compatible for gluing glass.


This interesting brand advertises that its product, especially aimed at aquariums, is resistant to water pressure and compatible with saltwater aquariums. It is transparent and, as it is compatible with glass, you can repair aquariums, fish tanks, greenhouses, windows ... in addition, it resists UV rays from lamps, so it will not lose adherence.


soudal stands out for being a transparent and ideal product for aquariums, which is advertised as being particularly resistant to changes in temperature. It only works to bond glass to glass, like most silicones, and cannot be painted. It has a very good level of adhesion.


The good thing about the products of this brand is that, in addition to being specially designed for aquariums, the cannula has a built-in cannula that can be placed in many different positions, making it ideal for repairing the smallest cracks and not having to use the gun. Plus, it dries fast and prevents all kinds of leaks.


And we end up with another highly recommended brand, which not only manufactures silicones aimed at aquariums, but it is also used a lot in the professional field. Wurth silicone stands out for drying very quickly, not getting ugly over time, resisting high and low temperatures and being very adhesive. However, you will have to be careful during drying and keep the silicone at the temperature indicated on the bottle.


This trade mark DIY products specialist It has a very, very good silicone for aquariums. They stand out for its quick drying time, as well as being compatible not only with glass, but also with aluminum and PVC. It is transparent, does not contain fungicides and is easy to apply, making it a highly recommended option.


Transparent silicone leaves no trace

The special silicone for aquariums of this brand also can be used outdoors, as it is resistant to water and weather. It has an acceptable smell, is very elastic and generally sticks very well to glass, making it suitable for repairing or building aquariums.

Where to buy cheaper aquarium silicone

There is a lots of different places where we can buy aquarium silicone, since its sale is not limited to pet stores, but it is also possible to find it in places specialized in DIY and construction.

  • First of all, in Amazon you will find an impressive number of silicone brands. In addition, you can consult the opinions of other users to find out and choose the silicone that best suits your needs. And if you have contracted the Prime function, you will have it at home in no time.
  • Leroy Merlin It does not have an overwhelming variety, in fact, on its online page it only has two specific silicones for aquariums from the Orbasil and Axton brands. The interesting thing is that you can check if it is available in the physical store, something very useful to get out of a hurry.
  • In shopping centers like Carrefour They also have some brands of silicone available, although it is not specified if they are for aquariums. However, you can look at the specifications and choose whether to buy it physically or online through its Marketplace, a very interesting option.
  • En Bricomart They have a unique sealant for aquariums, at least online, from the Bostik brand. As in other similar erbs, you can check availability in the store that is closest to you, pick it up or buy it online.
  • Finally, in Bauhaus They also have a single, transparent, specific silicone for aquariums and terrariums, which you can find online and in their physical stores. It works very similar to other DIY websites, since you can order online or pick it up at the store.

Aquarium silicone is a whole world that, without a doubt, must be controlled so that we are not caught off guard when our aquarium has a leak. Tell us, has it ever happened to you? What experience have you had with silicone? Do you like a specific brand?

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