Aquarium water conditioner

Fish need clean water to live

A water conditioner is a very necessary thing to purify the water that comes directly from the tap. and make it suitable so that your fish can live in it without fear of chlorine and other elements present in tap water that are so harmful to health.

In this article we will talk about the best water conditioning products, in addition to telling you what the conditioner is for, when it is necessary to use it and how it is used. In addition, we recommend that you read this other article about what water to use in aquariums to become a true expert.

Best Aquarium Water Conditioners

What is aquarium water conditioner and what is it for?

Conditioners make the water ready for your fish

A water conditioner, as the name suggests, is a product that allows treating tap water, which would normally be harmful to fish, and condition it to turn it into a habitat where they can live.

Thus, then, water conditioners are cans filled with a liquid that, when thrown into the water (always following the instructions of the product, of course) are responsible for eliminating those elements, such as chlorine or chloramine, which are harmful to your fish.

Best Aquarium Water Conditioners

A fish swimming behind the glass

In the market you will find lots of water conditioners, although not all are of the same quality or act the same, so it is especially important that you choose a product that is of the highest quality (after all we are talking about the health of your fish). We have prepared a selection for you with the best:

Very complete water conditioner

Seachem is a very good brand with one of the most complete water conditioners on the market. It has no more and no less four sizes that you can choose depending on the amount of water that your aquarium contains (50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml and 2 l), although it spreads a lot, since you only have to use 5 ml (one cap ) of product for every 200 liters of water. Seachem Conditioner removes chlorine and chloramine and detoxifies ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. In addition, you can use different measures, according to the indications of the product, to adapt them to the water problem. For example, if it has a very high amount of chloramine, you can use a double dose, while if it is very low, half a dose will be enough (we insist that you look at the product specifications before doing anything).

Tetra Aqua Safe for tap water

This product is very practical, since allows you to turn tap water into safe water for your fish. The operation is similar to that of other products of this type, since it only consists of pouring the product into the water (later, in another section, we will show you step by step how to do it). Although it is not as widespread as Seachem, since the proportion is 5 ml per 10 liters of water, it has a very interesting formula that protects the gills and mucous membranes of your fish. In addition, it includes a mixture of vitamins that helps reduce stress for your pets.

Conditioner with many uses

Some conditioners, like this one from Fluval, are not only designed to condition the water during a water change, but they can also be used to acclimatize fish that have just arrived in the aquarium, for partial water changes or to transport the fish to another aquarium. It is as easy to use as the other models, it removes chlorine and chloramine, neutralizes heavy metals that may be present in the water and protects the fins of the fish. In addition, its formula includes a mixture of calming herbs that help reduce stress.

Freshwater Aquarium Purifier

Among the purifiers or conditioners for freshwater aquariums we find this good product, Biotopol, which, with a ratio of 10 ml of product per 40 liters of water is responsible for removing chlorine, chloramine, copper, lead and zinc. You can use it in both complete and partial water changes, in addition, it serves to improve the defenses of fish that have just recovered from a disease, since it includes, like other products, a mixture of vitamins that also helps reduce stress .

This water purifier comes in half-liter bottles and can be used in aquariums where freshwater fish and turtles live.

Easy Life Conditioner

This simple water conditioner, available in a 250 ml bottle, does just what it promises: it conditions tap water and makes it ready for your fish by removing chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Its operation is just as simple as the others, since you only have to add the indicated amount of the product in the indicated liters of water. You can use it both in the first water change and in the partials, and it can also be used in aquariums where turtles live.

When is it necessary to use aquarium water conditioners?

Conditioners can be used when doing full or partial water changes

Although tap water is normally safe for humans to drink (although not always or everywhere), the number of unsafe items for fish is endless. From chlorine, chloramines to even heavy metals like lead or zinc, tap water is not a safe environment for our fish. Therefore, always thinking about your well-being, it is important to use a water conditioner from the first moment.

Water conditioners allow this to be the case. To give an example, they leave tap water as a blank canvas on which your fish can live safely. Then, you can even use other products that biologically improve (that is, for example, cause "good" bacteria to proliferate) the water in your aquarium and thus improve the quality of life of your fish and plants.

Finally, it is also important that you do not limit the use of the conditioner to the first water change. Follow the instructions on the product, which will tell you how to use it, usually with lower doses, in partial water changes, or even to condition fish that have just arrived, improve their immune system after illness or reduce stress.

How to use an aquarium water conditioner

An orange fish in a fishbowl

The operation of conditioning water for the aquarium could not be easier, however, it usually causes a few doubts that we are going to clear.

  • Firstly, the conditioner works simply by adding it to the aquarium water, either for a water change or for a partial change (for example, after siphoning the bottom).
  • One of the most common doubts is whether the conditioner can be added while the fish are in the aquarium. The answer is that, with the best conditioners, it can be done, because they spread through the water in a moment. However, others act in a slower way, so it is better, to make sure that everything goes well, that set your fish aside in a separate container while adding conditioner the water.
  • You can return your fish to the water in fifteen minutes, the typical length of time it takes for slower conditioners to spread and work throughout the water.
  • In general, water conditioners are safe for your fish, but they can be deadly if you don't stick to product specifications. Because, it is essential that you stick to the specifications and do not add extra doses of conditioner.
  • Finally, in new aquariums, even if you treat the water with the conditioner you will have to wait a month to add your fish. This is because all new aquariums have to go through a cycling process before housing the fish.

Where to buy a cheaper aquarium water conditioner

You can find water conditioners in many places, especially in specialized stores. For instance:

  • En Amazon You will not only find high-quality conditioners, but also with very different prices and different functions (pure and hard conditioner, anti-stress…). The good thing about this mega store is that, if you have contracted the Prime option, you will have it at home in a moment. In addition, you can be guided by the comments to know which one suits you best.
  • En specialty pet storesLike Kiwoko or Tíanimal, you will also find a large number of conditioners. In addition, they have physical versions, with which you can go in person and ask possible questions that may arise.
  • Although, without a doubt, the one who has the unbeatable price is the Mercadona supermarket chain and its treatment for Dr. Wu tap water, from the Tetra brand. Although, due to its size, it is recommended for small tanks and fish tanks, not for amateurs who already have a tank the size of Lake Titicaca, for whom other brands and formats are more recommended.

The aquarium water conditioner is a basic that allows the water to be a safe environment for our fish. Tell us, what treatment do you use for the water? Is there a particular brand you like or haven't you tried using a conditioner yet?

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