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You have to calculate how much gravel you are going to put in the bottom to know how many fish you can fit

Complete aquarium kits are ideal to start with, that is, for fans of the world of fish and aquariums who want to start having their own aquarium. For a fairly reasonable price, the kits include a series of elements that will make your life easier and will pave your way to get the perfect aquarium.

In this article on a complete aquarium we will see who these aquariums are aimed at, what elements they usually incorporate and their different types, among others. In addition, we also recommend that you read this other article about the aquarium thermometer, another very useful (and cheap) element to make sure your fish are healthy.

The best aquarium kits to start with

Who are the complete aquarium kits intended for?

A large aquarium with many fish

Complete aquarium kits are ideal to start with, which is why they are especially intended for those fish enthusiasts who have not been around for long. and they need a product that includes all the necessary tools to get started.

As we will see below, kits usually include a series of basic elementsAlthough, depending on the quality (and price) of the aquarium, these tools can be basic and simple or include something else, such as decorations, furniture ...

The good thing about opting for a kit when starting in this new and exciting hobby is that we will not only have the basics to start, but as time goes by we can choose to improve those elements that we prefer in our aquarium without having to make such a high economic investment.

What should an aquarium kit have

Aquarium kits can include many things, but The most basic (and what you should watch out for is of better quality) is the following:


The most important element of the aquarium (besides the fish, of course) is the filter. Broadly speaking, it is what distinguishes the aquarium from fish tanks, since in these you have to completely change the water, while a filter is responsible for cleaning it to return it clean to the aquarium. For this it uses, in addition to the machinery, elements such as coconut fiber, carbon or perlon, a material similar to cotton that we talked about a few days ago.

Filters are of two types: the interiors, which are used submerged inside the aquarium, indicated for small or medium aquariums, and the exteriors, indicated for larger aquariums.

LED Lighting

In the past, the lighting of aquariums was carried out with metal halide lamps, although For some time now, much more has been opted for LEDsNot only because they are very cool, they make light of many colors and they look great, but also because they are more energy efficient and produce less heat, something that your fish will appreciate.

In principle, the lights are a purely aesthetic element in your aquarium, although if you have plants (that is, a planted aquarium) things change, since light is necessary for plants to photosynthesize.

Water heater

The most complete aquarium kits include a water heater, a tool that lives up to its name and that is responsible for heating the water to the temperature you want (In the simplest ones you will have to check the temperature manually, with a thermometer, while the most complete ones include a sensor that activates and deactivates the heater automatically). Heaters are especially useful if you live in cold climates or have an aquarium. de peces tropical.

Types of aquarium kits

A small aquarium is cheaper

When buying an aquarium kit, probably the first question that comes to mind is how many fish can we have in the aquarium, a more complicated question than it seems (in the next section we will try to answer it briefly). Following with the types of kits, the most common are the following:


The smallest aquarium of all, usually with just enough room for a couple de peces and some plant. They are very cute, since they tend to have showy shapes. As its volume of water is so small, the accessories (basically the pump and the filter) tend to be integrated inside the aquarium, thus they also take up less space.

40 liters

A slightly larger aquarium, although still within the small-medium range. To know the number de peces that you can put in, you will have to calculate how many plants, gravel and decorations you are going to use, as well as the average size of the fish when they are adults. Normally the calculation is for about 5 fish, although the calculation may vary depending on the size of the fish. Since they are not very large, these aquariums also include the filter, and possibly other accessories, inside.

60 liters

Within the range of medium aquariums we find those of 60 liters, which in fact they are the best option to start. Small and larger aquariums are more difficult to manage, precisely because of their size, on the other hand, a 60-liter one has the perfect amount to start you with, since it is not too big or too small. These aquariums usually hold about 8 fish.

There are some very cool options that include everything you need. As in the case of smaller aquariums, they usually come already installed in the aquarium. Some also include day and night lighting so that you provide the correct light for your fish and plants.

A small fish tank

100 liters

A considerably larger size, in which about 12 fish can fit, although, as always, it will depend on the size of the animals, the space occupied by the accessories ... These aquariums are no longer so focused on beginners, but are aimed at the initiated. The accessories, such as the filter, are no longer installed and are sometimes even external, a new sign that it is not available to everyone.

With cabinet

Aquariums with furniture, In addition to being one of the most expensive on the list, they include a piece of furniture adapted to the measurements of the aquarium. What is really interesting about these models is that in the furniture you can have all the accessories you need, in addition, there are those that include an emergency overflow system and everything. Without a doubt, the best and most aesthetic way to have your aquarium.


Marine aquariums They are the most difficult to keep, since they are very delicate fish and you have to have very stable water, or the entire ecosystem may be disrupted. Yet they are by far the most beautiful and spectacular. That said, there are marine aquarium kits that provide you with the first tools you will need to assemble it, such as the filter system and even a preconfigured dimmer.


The cheapest aquariums have two things in common: they have little volume of water and are freshwater. If you don't feel like complicating your life too much and you are only going to have a couple de peces, these are a good solution. You just have to make sure they have a good filtration system and keep them clean. Of course, if you get the bug and want to buy more fish, you will need a larger aquarium.

How to calculate how many fish will fit in the aquarium

Two big fish

When it comes to calculating how many fish will fit in your aquarium, the most common rule is that one centimeter of fish fits for every liter of water. That is why you will have to do a series of calculations based on the following:

Fish size

Marine aquariums are the most difficult to maintain

Of course, the size of the fish is the first thing to take into account when calculating how many will fit in the aquarium. Always do the calculation based on the adult size the fish will reach (many times, when you buy them, they are still young and have not finished growing. Also, depending on the type of water you will be able to put more or fewer fish. For example In a marine aquarium the proportion is one liter of water for each centimeter that the fish measures, while for fresh water it is half, 0,5 centimeters for each liter of water.

Fish sex

Fish swimming in an aquarium

The reason is simple: if you have male and female fish, and you leave them to their free will, they will reproduce, with what in a short time you will have an aquarium to the brim. Too many fish can lead to not only less room to swim, which can lead to territorial fights, but also an increase in debris (such as poop) that the filter cannot absorb, which can affect water quality and, as a consequence, to the health of your fish.

Plants and accessories

Finally, the plants and accessories (such as figurines) that you are going to put in the aquarium also play a factor when calculating how many fish will fit in your aquarium, as they will take up space (leaving less room to swim) and can also produce waste (at least live plants). The same happens with the gravel at the bottom, you will have to calculate how much volume they occupy to carry out the final calculation.

Where to buy a complete aquarium kit on sale

You can find complete aquarium kits, on sale or not, in quite a few places. The most common and recommended are the following:

  • AmazonDue to the number of different aquariums and prices, you probably have the option you are looking for. In addition, something to keep in mind is that it has a very good transport system, especially if you have contracted the Prime option, so you will have the aquarium at home in almost no time.
  • En department stores like Carrefour There are also interesting options, although not as much variety as in other places. To find the best offer, stay tuned on the web, since there are very interesting online options and the best discounts.
  • Finally, in specialty pet stores like Kiwoko you will also find a lot of different aquariums. It is highly recommended that you visit the physical store if you are buying an aquarium for the first time, as their salespeople can be of great help if you have any questions that need answers.

Complete aquarium kits are ideal to start with because they have all the necessary tools to assemble your little piece of river (or sea). We hope this article has been helpful to you. Tell us, did you buy any kit to start or did you start to rough it up? What size and species do you recommend? What has been your experience?

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