Functions of snails in the aquarium

Functions of snails in the aquarium

We often notice that in aquariums there are snails, today we will tell you what role they play.

The problem with snails is when they become an invasion that the plants are eaten generating an imbalance in relation to the nitrogen level, so necessary to maintain the water and provide oxygen to the fish. Plants must be protected because they also offer correct lighting. Fortunately, the problem with snails is easy to solve.

Before eliminating them we must bear in mind that many snails are not harmful to the aquarium, what is more, they are even beneficial when it comes to keeping them in good condition. Therefore, first of all, we must differentiate the bad snails from the good ones.

One of the guidelines that will help us is to observe the gradual deterioration of the aquariumIf we consider that the number of mollusks is abundant, we must eliminate them since we would be in the presence of a plague.

A key point is to see if the snails are killing the plants or damaging their leaves. We must be finned because in a very short period of time they can eat a whole leaf to feed.

Another characteristic that we can observe is its shell, there are two types of snails that are not recommended and that should be eliminated. One of them is a black snail with an oval shell, whose scientific name is Lymnea Stagnalis.Easily recognized by hobbyists, it is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous snails as they spend all day eating plants. The average measurement is 9 millimeters.

The other one that we must control is the one that has a spiral-shaped shell, it can be confused with shells, it is known as a Malaysian snail or trumpet snail. When there are not many they are beneficial since they eliminate algae and the rest of the food, the problem is when they are presented in massive form. They can be up to 2 centimeters long.

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