Most common guppy diseases and bacteria


There are few diseases and bacteria that guppy can contract, however there are several processes, the most common such as the one known as the White Point. If the guppy has pinhead-sized white spots on its body and fins, it has the disease known as ichthyophthirius.

The anomaly known as the velvet disease, it is a common parasitic anomaly, but this time the spots are very small, so much so that, often, the guppy's body appears to have a velvety coat. This is caused by the Oadinium parasite, it mainly attacks the gills, agitated breathing together with apathetic behavior are the initial signs of the disease.

Most bacterial diseases are difficult to fight. They manifest in various ways. Often the fins fray, appear with reddish streaks and bleeding through the body. The most effective treatment is through the use of antibiotics. Antibiotic treatment should not be administered without consulting a specialist.

La disease known as Columnaris It is also a bacterial infection, which also manifests itself in the fish as a velvety coat. Affected guppies are shy, swim with erratic movements, and with their fins folded over their body. The disease is combat with specialized drugs.

To avoid bacterial diseases, it is necessary to ensure that fish live in unfavorable conditions. These types of bacteria are mostly spread by spoiled food and plant organic matter.

To combat this type of bacteria without using chemical substances, environment conditions can be optimized, such as improve water quality, providing highly nutritious food that is easily digested and administering heat, which will improve the immune response of the fish.

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  1.   Paqui said

    My guppy has his tail stuck, how can I heal him? Thanks

  2.   Miriam said

    I have a problem with my fish, I am a novice in the aquarium issue and I have it for a short time (about 20 days), I have been observing my guppies for several days and there are some who are apathetic, they barely eat, swim with erratic movements and have a few white spots only on the fins, some have already died, what disease can they have? And what would be the solution? In the aquarium I only have guppies and prawns neocaridinas blue velvet and caridinas crystal red. Thank you very much in advance.