Aquarium water clarifier

A fish swimming in crystal clear water

An aquarium water clarifier is a great help to keep the water clean and without that feeling of cloud that so ugly and so many health problems can cause our fish. These products are fast and very easy to use, although they do have a number of considerations to take into account.

Therefore, In this article we are going to talk about what the aquarium water clarifier is, in addition to telling you how it works, how to use it or how long it takes to work, plus a few tricks to keep your water clean. As you know, water is a vital element in aquariums, so we also recommend that you read these other articles about aquarium water conditioner o what water to use in aquariums.

What is the aquarium water clarifier

An aquarium water clarifier is a liquid with which you can eliminate the feeling of dirt in the water of your aquarium eliminating the particles present in the water and that cause that "cloud". These particles can get into the water for a wide variety of causes, for example:

  • La supercharging, which can cause uneaten food your fish to melt into the water (in this case the water will look like the glass is frozen).
  • El dust that lets go of the gravel.
  • The seaweed (This may be the problem if the aquarium has a greenish touch). These can start to grow from a wide variety of causes, such as too much light or too much nutrients.
  • Presence of minerals dissolved in water, such as phosphates or iron, which will cause the water to appear gray or brown.
  • Any decor whose paint is slowly fading.
  • Maybe even that feeling of dirt is caused by a filtration system with problems (in which case, of course, you will have to clean the water and repair the filter system).

How clarifiers work

Algae make the water dirty and turn it green

In case the water in your aquarium looks unclear, you will have to take steps to clean it not only for aesthetic reasons.but because it can be dangerous for your fish. Therefore, one of the first steps is to use a water clarifier.

The operation is quite simple, since what this liquid does is cause a chemical reaction that agglutinates the particles that cause the water to look dirty until they are large enough to stay at the bottom of the aquarium or to be trapped by the filter. The process, as far as possible, is quite fast, since it only takes a few hours to clean the water.

How to use the clarifier

Fish need very clean water to live

We remind you that you should always follow the product instructions to avoid scares and get the best result. Each brand has its own dosage, although they all work in a similar way:

  • Make sure your algae and plants are treated and that the product you are going to use is safe for them. If you are going to treat them, wait 24 hours before using the clarifier.
  • Adjust the PH of the water at 7,5.
  • Stick to the product dose per liters of water indicated (most allow you to use the meter cap and take into account the liters of water and the hardness of this for the dose). If you go overboard, you can hurt or kill the fish and even make the water dirtier.
  • Pour the product carefully in water.
  • Leave the filter running until the water looks clean.
  • Some products allow you to repeat the dose until the water is completely clean, although you will have to make sure that 48 hours have passed between doses.

How long does it take to take effect

Normally water clarifiers are quite fast, although it depends on the product. Typically, a 72 hour average (that is, three days) to get a clear and clean water.

Shopping guide

Water clarifiers are a fairly specific product type, but they also have a lot of specifications that you must take into account when buying it, since there are many models available. Thus, it is advisable to think about the following:

Aquarium type

Some clarifiers are only suitable for freshwater aquariums, while others are especially aimed at planted or saltwater aquariums. Likewise, some do not work in water that has not been filtered, since they consist of agglutinating the particles to trap them in the filter. Therefore, taking into account the type of aquarium we have is vital so as not to screw up and load our fish.

In fact, there are so many types of clarifiers that we can even find aimed at ponds, by seasons ...

Needs (own and aquarium)

Water clarifiers clean the water

Equally, we have to look and think about our needs and, of course, those of the aquarium. Thus, we can opt for a product that simply offers to clarify the water or for something much more complete, since there are some that offer many more possibilities, such as correcting the levels of nutrients or oxygen, which can be a good idea if we need an extra help.

Also, there are clarifiers that are faster than others, something to keep in mind if you are going to use it on a one-time basis, in an emergency or from time to time to keep the water clean.


Equally, the price will affect what we look for. Simpler clarifiers are cheaper, while those with other extras have a higher price. A good idea may be to calculate what is more affordable for us before buying anything.

How to do to have crystal clear water in the aquarium? Tricks

Decorations can leak paint that makes the water dirty

Keeping the water in your aquarium clean and crystal clear is not extremely difficult, although it does require a number of repetitive tasks that you have to carry out every so often, but that will have a very positive impact on the life of your fish. For instance:

  • Feed them just enough to prevent food from falling apart in the water and making it dirty.
  • Cleans with a net the residues that are floating in the water from time to time.
  • Vacuum the gravel every so often so that it does not release dust.
  • Keep the población de peces property- Don't have too many or the aquarium will get dirty faster.
  • Keep the clean aquarium.
  • Go doing water changes regularly (with changes of 10 to 15% of the water weekly, for example).
  • Make sure the filter system works well and clean it when necessary.

Can I use the water clarifier in an aquarium with turtles?

No, never use the clarifier in an aquarium with turtles. These products are designed only for fish, which can harm other species.

The new aquarium syndrome

Two fish swimming at the bottom of an aquarium

In the case that you have installed a new aquarium, The water may be unclear and you think it is dirty. However, in these cases it is rather that the ecosystem is adjusting to its new situation. Water looks unclear due to microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, that come from places like fish poop, food, or plants. Normally, once the bacteria have settled, the water becomes crystal clear again. Therefore, if you have a new aquarium, it is advisable to wait a week before adding any chemical substances such as water clarifiers.

Where to buy cheap aquarium water clarifier

A good aquarium water clarifier not very hard to find, although sometimes depending on where we go we will find more or fewer models, for example:

  • En AmazonUndoubtedly, it is where we will find the greatest variety of models, so if we need something very specific, or a specific brand, it is the most appropriate place to look first. In addition, they have a bit of everything, including the best or most famous brands, such as Tetra, JBL, Flubal, Seachem ...
  • En pet shops Like Kiwoko and Zooplus you will not find so much variety, although they are very suitable if recommended whether you know what you are going to look for or if you need some help, for which the most advisable thing is to visit one of their physical stores, where you will find professional help. In addition, websites tend to have loyalty programs and interesting offers that can save you in the long run.
  • Whereas in department store DIY such as Leroy Merlin, in which there is a small section for pets, you will not find more clarifiers than those aimed at swimming pools or ponds where no living beings live.

Orange fish swimming in droves

We hope we have helped you understand the operation of the aquarium water clarifier, a very useful product both to use in a specific way and to keep the water clean. of our aquarium and, thus, that it is more beautiful and pleasant for our fish. Tell us, have you ever used a clarifier? How was your experience? Do you recommend us a specific brand?

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